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  • Moderno - Square - 38x96

At first glance our “Moderno” door seems rather plain and understated when compared with some of our ornate and classically appointed iron doors. But it is far from a simple door and sometimes understated is just what the job calls for. For many decades architects and designers have used this simple design in residential and commercial doors and were forced to use wood, vinyl or other materials just not equipped to do the job. The doors would look great at first and then as weather, sun, and wear takes their toll and the inherent weaknesses of wood and vinyl begin to manifest themselves, these doors would start rattling, creaking, shrinking, splitting, peeling, flaking, twisting, warping, and generally becoming a nuisance and an eyesore. None of these problems will happen when you design with any of our iron door products. Iron can support the weight of high quality, insulated, tempered glass and our finishes simply outperform wood and vinyl. Hands down. So, design away! Relax! You have the best in iron and glass when you use our “Moderno” iron door design.

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Moderno - Square - 38x96

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6'' Jamb
Custom handles need to be drilled


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